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BOOX protects your eyes from strain

Since 2008, Onyx International has been dedicated to sales and development of E Ink devices, which can significantly alleviate digital eye strain. Different from LED/ LCD screen, E Ink screen allows you to enjoy the convenience of technology as well as to experience the traditional paper-like feeling. Users of E Ink displays have said that they do not have the same eye fatigue as with LCDs when reading for long hours.

E Ink displays deliver a variety of benefits that the normal LCD/LED screens do not have.

E Ink vs LCD

E Ink vs Paper

E Ink display benefits

Easy on the Eyes
Long Battery Life
Glare Free

We?are proud to be the only company in the global market that supplies full range of E Ink (ePaper) electronics from 6 inches to 13 inches. Our products BOOX deliver truly paper-like reading, writing and note-taking experience.

BOOX redefines E Ink (ePaper) electronics. With BOOX, you can not only read, but also write, draw and take notes just like on real paper.